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About us. 
We have a wealth of experience and knowledge both within the communication industry and for the hearing impaired. Having helped both Excel Communications and Fonepoint launch the Technophone mobile phone in the mid 1980’s and, for over 17 years we have been directly involved in the highly specialised business of addressing and offering a solution so that the hearing impaired are aware that a fire alarm or security warning message has been activated. 
In addition to our knowledge of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) we also have a good understanding of the RRO Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order and The Equality Act 2010. Part 3 of the Act came into force on the 1st October 2010 and states that service providers must undertake reasonable adjustments to avoid disabled people being substantially disadvantaged in accessing services. 
With our many years experience in offering solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing to be alerted to security and fire alarm warnings, plus over 25 years within the communication industry, this makes us perfectly placed to offer you these fantastic quality products at competitive prices. 
Did you know? 
According to statistics nearly 90% of the UK population own mobile phones, which currently totals over 76 million phones. 
The RNID figures show that in the UK, there are almost 10 million people deaf or hard of hearing. That’s one in six of the population. 
Were you aware that SMS or short messaging service, popularly known as text messages, was actually designed for the communication of the deaf and mute? 
In the Philippines, the first commercial advertisement ever shown on TV regarding SMS or text messages was produced for one of the major telecoms companies and was about two deaf people texting each other. 
A a major supermarket chain was fined £119,000, after pleading guilty to 5 breaches of the Regulatory Reform Order. 
Ron Dobson, London Fire Commissioner said, "Fire safety is a key part of good business management and the general public should feel safe from fire when they are out. London Fire Brigade will continue to take action when businesses, large or small, does not take their fire safety responsibilities seriously. Failure to comply with the law can, as this case has shown, result in a prosecution." 
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