Vibrating Alarm Pad 

In the event of a fire emergency, deaf or hard of hearing people will not be able to hear the fire alarm whilst asleep in their beds or at their place of work.  The vibrating alarm pad unit is a fully portable wireless system for communicating the sounding of an alarm warning to people when asleep by placing in the bed it also provides a visual aid to identify that there is a fire perfect for placing on an individuals desk.  The unit is battery powered with a pad attachment so when the fire alarm sounds, the pad vibrates, LED lights flash and the LCD screen displays ‘fire’. 

Ideal for domestic use, hotels, halls of residence,place of work and sheltered housing  
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Ensures you comply with elements of the Disability Discrimination Act which is now incorporated within the Equality Act 2010 

Alarm clock facility 

Moveable device, requiring no installation 

Fail-to-safe, dual battery supply 

Suitable for buildings with an automatic fire detection system 

Backlit LCD display screen. 
Rubberised Feet to improve stablity