What some of our customers say:- 

"Deaf people absolutely use mobile phones as a communication tool, probably even more so than other people"..." and I feel safe knowing that a System will alert me to a fire alarm instantly" 

Sarah Lawrence

(Deaf since age 3) for nearly 10 years was the on-screen interpreter/signer for ITV Wales. 

"We recenty introduced the Alarmscom system to our offices. If the fire alarm is activated then it sends a text message alert to our deaf member of staff. It was a relatively simple addition to our existing fire alarm system but plays an important role in making sure our staff are kept safe and alerted quickly in the event of a fire." 

Clive Douthwaite

Clive Douthwaite, NEBOSH, Leicester 

"We recently had a fire text message system from Alarmscom installed, it works extremely well and we are very happy with the product and the service. The system has a dual purpose for us, supporting both our Access and Fire Safety policies, as it provides peace of mind to our hard of hearing visitors and will alert our Duty Managers of any fire incidents within seconds. we strongly recommend HFAS...." 

Chris Potts

Whitechapel Gallery, London

"The HFAS works well at both my Centres, it allows us to provide an enhanced health & safety service to our hearing impaired customers and team, the system is very easy to use and provides near instantaneous message alert advising of a situation within the building, which given the nature of the Centres is paramount." 

Gary Blackledge

Fulham Broadway Retail Centre, London

"We have had the HFAS system running for over a year now and it has provided very useful to our hearing impaired students who's confidence levels have improved knowing that they will be aware of a fire alarm as soon as everybody else in the building. It also alerts staff who may be offsite to the fact that an incident has occurred. Overall the system works very well and the support team are very helpful and efficient" 

Dave Edwards

Health, Safety & Estates Manager, College of North West London

"I am happy to confirm that we purchased a system from Alarmscom some months ago and we are delighted with this powerful communication tool, so much so, that we intend installing it to a number of our other sites. The unit helps Vicarage Field Shopping Centre support our "Duty of Care" to the deaf and hard of hearing visitors and as the fire alert text messages is activated within seconds of alarm activation this also strengthens our Access & Emergency Policies. As an added bonus the HFAS system controller also sends a message to our staff announcing that the fire alarm is sounding even when they are off the premises. We are happy to recommend Alarmscom." 

Andre Philipsen

Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Barking

Further reference sites on request, many of the top "100" Academics have installed the HFAS system