What good is a fire alarm if you can not hear or identify it?


Do your students wear headphones?
If so, they may not know or hear when a fire alarm is

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Our text relay service system sends an instant message that can alert the 11 million people in the UK who are deaf or hard of hearing within seconds of an alarm activation. 
As an emergency alert message service the HFAS is the perfect system for informing within seconds, staff, visitors, fire safety advisers and fire marshals, that an incident has taken place therefore enabling them to react and respond instantly, even when off site. 
Don't let a fire be a deaf trap. 
With 17 years experience in assisting and providing solutions we are able to offer the most cost effective product available without compromising performance
and WITHOUT pagers. 
Our solution allow Deaf or Hard of Hearing people to use what they always have with them, a mobile phone. 
All Mobile Phones have a Vibrate Facility. 
The British made HFAS system is exclusive to Alarmscom. 
Many testimonials can be provided on request. 
We offer the very best price structure along with first class customer service. 

Amongst our numerous installed sites are many well known Academic and Halls of Residence buildings plus major Corporates. 

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The Text Relay Service has a proven service availability

It helps comply with the Equality Act 2010, which includes the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). The Act states that providers must undertake reasonable adjustments including:- "Provisions for deaf and hard of hearing people."  To meet this legislation, the system has been developed to send an emergency text alert to the users mobile phone once registered to that location. ie: Public access buildings, which include schools, colleges, universities, halls of residence, shopping centres, hotels, libraries, Museums, Sports & Leisure centres and the workplace.  People have concerns that they could remain unaware of an emergency situation in a public place, as 1 in 6 are classified as deaf or hard of hearing and with currently over 76 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK, this is a lifeline to them.  Text is a global success story, so its not surprising that this innovative application has been built on top of Text Relay Service Technology.  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new Law effective from 25 May 2018 to replace the current Data Protection Act. The Hearing Fire Alert System (HFAS) complies with the new GDPR legislation.  The only data the system uses is a mobile phone number, which is not attached to a name, address or any other data of the owner or user of that number. This is stored on a secured server and is never sold or distributed to any third party and is not used for any other use other than the intended emergency text alert purpose. This number can be removed from the system at any time by simply texting "stop (location code)". 

HFAS how it works

HFAS (Hearing Fire Alert System) alerts connected users INSTANTLY to a fire alarm activation. The user becomes connected to the system by sending a simple text message, quoting the appropriate location code, to a mobile number at a standard rate.

HFAS is extremely simple to install by your fire alarm maintainer - just 4 wires, it securely screws to the wall & takes approximately 20 / 30 minutes to fit.

The HFAS (Hearing Fire Alert System) represents excellent value and is the lowest cost of any other similar system 

A small price to meet your obligations under the Equality Act and ensuring everyone can "hear" and react to your fire alarm. 

The HFAS (Hearing Fire Alert System) represents excellent value and is the lowest cost of any other similar system  
Please contact us for details  info@alarmscom.co.uk  
A small price to meet your obligations under the Equality Act and ensuring everyone can "hear" and react to your fire alarm. 

HFAS unit

Signage informs the user about HFAS and gives them the location code and text number to send to.  
The user will then receive a return text to inform them they are now logged onto that location.  

When the fire alarm sounds HFAS sends an alert message to all connected users advising them 
" to evacuate by the nearest exit".  
or to act on your internal safety instructions.  

About Us

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge both within the communication industry and for the hearing impaired. Having helped both Excel Communications and Fonepoint launch the Technophone mobile phone in the mid 1980’s and, for nearly 20 years we have been directly involved in the highly specialised business of addressing and offering a solution so that the hearing impaired are aware that a fire alarm or security warning message has been activated.  In addition to our knowledge of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) we also have a good understanding of the RRO Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order and The Equality Act 2010. Part 3 of the Act came into force on the 1st October 2010 and states that service providers must undertake reasonable adjustments to avoid disabled people being substantially disadvantaged in accessing services.  With our many years experience in offering solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing to be alerted to security and fire alarm warnings, plus over 25 years within the communication industry, this makes us perfectly placed to offer you these fantastic quality products at competitive prices. 

Did you know?

According to statistics nearly 90% of the UK population own mobile phones, which currently totals over 76 million phones.  The RNID figures show that in the UK, there are almost 10 million people deaf or hard of hearing. That’s one in six of the population.  Were you aware that SMS or short messaging service, popularly known as text messages, was actually designed for the communication of the deaf and mute?  In the Philippines, the first commercial advertisement ever shown on TV regarding SMS or text messages was produced for one of the major telecoms companies and was about two deaf people texting each other.  A a major supermarket chain was fined £119,000, after pleading guilty to 5 breaches of the Regulatory Reform Order.  Ron Dobson, London Fire Commissioner said, "Fire safety is a key part of good business management and the general public should feel safe from fire when they are out. London Fire Brigade will continue to take action when businesses, large or small, does not take their fire safety responsibilities seriously. Failure to comply with the law can, as this case has shown, result in a prosecution."