HFAS how it works

HFAS (Hearing Fire Alert System) alerts connected users INSTANTLY to a fire alarm activation. The user becomes connected to the system by sending a simple text message, quoting the appropriate location code, to a mobile number at a standard rate. 

HFAS is extremely simple to install by your fire alarm maintainer - just 4 wires, it securely screws to the wall & takes approximately 20 / 30 minutes to fit.  

The HFAS (Hearing Fire Alert System) represents excellent value and is the lowest cost of any other similar system 

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A small price to meet your obligations under the Equality Act and ensuring everyone can "hear" and react to your fire alarm. 

Signage, provided free of charge, informs the user about HFAS and gives them the location code and text number to send to.  
The user will then receive a return text to inform them they are now logged onto that location.  
When the fire alarm sounds HFAS sends an alert message to all connected users advising them " to evacuate by the nearest exit".  or to act on your internal safety instructions. 



  • Only one HFAS required for each fire panel 
  • Weekly self-test & signal check Unit 
  • Item can be disabled for the weekly fire test 
  • HFAS is CE marked 
  • British Made
  • Unlimited range
  • Once installed, just a mobile phone is required 
  • Housed in a IP65 rated case
  • Only charges users a one off connection fee which is charged at their standard message rate
  • Helps service providers comply with elements of the Equality Act 2010, which includes the DDA (Disability discrimination Act) 
  • The cheapest & simplest system available 

Only available from Alarmscom
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  • No costly OFCOM licence fee 
  • No installation of an aerial 
  • No expensive start up costs
  • No additional charge for pagers 

Low annual subscription  Account management from a family company

Account management from a family company

  • YES a proven simple solution 
  • YES to being user friendly 
  • YES towards legal compliance 
  • YES to socially responsible 
  • YES to utilising what everyone already owns 
  • YES to a fantastic price, with low annual cost 
  • YES to being the product of choice by many