Hearing Fire Alert System

A Fire Alert System that instantly informs your deaf / hard of hearing staff and visitors of a fire alarm or emergency incident by text message 

The Hearing Fire Alert Systeminterfaces with the fire alarm panel, the user becomes connected to the system by texting the location code to a designated number, an acknowledgement text is sent back and at that point the user is connected to the system.  

It's really very simple as it becomes your personal Hearing Fire Alert System.  

Cheaper than the cost of a cup of coffee or some daily Newspapers *  

When the fire alarm rings the user then receives an instant text message advising them to make their way to the nearest fire exit.  

Hundreds of organisations use this messaging platform, for many it has become a vital and invaluable tool for crisis alerts. 

Pagers are not required as it uses what everyone already has - a mobile phone. 
Deaf / hard of hearing people use mobiles as a major communication tool more often than other people.  

This excellent system is easy to install, may not require a separate power supply unit. The HFAS is British made, has a CE mark and comes housed in a IP65 rated case.  

The the really good news is it is the cheapest system of its type available and is exclusive to Alarmscom using all our 17 years of experience in assisting people to be aware of a fire alarm situation in the most user friendly and cheapest way possible.  

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or email: info@alarmscom.co.uk or larry@alarmscom.co.uk   
* Based upon the initial cost plus the annual subscription over 3 years